Terms and Conditions Regarding Peptides for Sale in Canada

Peptides for SaleThis page contains a legal disclaimer or the terms and conditions which our Canadian peptide company supplies its products.
‘The Company’ ‘We’, ‘Us’ and ‘our’ refer to our company and products available on this website. ‘The client’, ‘You’ and ‘your’ refers to you. By using this website, it is assumed you have read all terms as outlined in this document. Before ordering peptides for sale, we advise you to read our legal disclaimer.

1. All peptides for sale listed on our website are intended for laboratory research work only and in no case should they be ingested by humans or used in products that will be ingested by humans. The listed materials on our website are meant to be used in good faith and sale does not constitute a license to use the same to infringe on any copyright or patent whatsoever.

2. Anyone buying products from our website must be at least eighteen years of age. All research products manufactured by our company are only intended to be handled by qualified, certified and experienced researchers in controlled facilities. As a company, we reserve the right to deny or limit sales of our products to unqualified persons. By the act of purchasing our products, you acknowledge there are risks involved in handling and using them during research. You warrant to us that you appreciate the safety hazards, industrial standards and controls and need for immediate warning
when handling and using these products in the lab. Customer also represents and warrants they are fully aware of government regulations appertaining to use and exposure to this nature of products.

3. The company (Canadian peptide), its affiliates, partners shall at no time be liable for any form of damage be it special, consequential or incidental caused by our peptide for sale. The customer in all purchases indemnifies Canadian peptide and holds the company not liable for all claims, damages, expenses, losses or liability arising from the use or handling of our products whether singularly used or where used in combination with additives.

4. Our products are explicitly meant for research and not in vitro, drugs, medical devices, diagnostic devices, human and animal cosmetics or for any commercial gain. Buy purchasing from our website, you acknowledge these products have not undergone safety testing for use in drugs, food, medical devices, commercial purposes or any other use other than research. The buyer warrants and presents to the company to properly handle, use, test any products bought from here in accordance with conduct befit of a reasonable person who is qualified in the specific scientific area of study and in
compliance with federal and state laws and regulations applicable.

5. Any peptides for sale in Canada produced with materials bought from us must not be misbranded or adulterated in order to be introduced to the market. Buyer warrants using these products only for research and realizes that our products cannot be in the inventory of any materials produced. The responsibility is upon the buyer to ensure products purchased from supplier are approved for use in their area of study. Buyer is also responsible for verifying any hazards involved in using the products in research. It is also the responsibility of the buyer to warn everyone in their distribution
channel about any dangers involved in handling and applying these products.

6. By way of this agreement buyer warrants to conform to all instructions given. The buyer accepts that products from the supplier are only meant for research and not for resale and must not be misused in any manner. Were any of the products to be repackaged, the buyer has a responsibility to provide supplier essay to verify their purity. Buyer again acknowledges by purchasing our products that they can only be used for research activities exclusively and not for resale. The buyer also warrants using products from supplier in an appropriate manner and under no circumstances
should they be used in illegal activities or to make products that infringe on copyright. Buyer must note that no products displayed are to be used for human or animal consumption either for health or recreational purposes. All customers are duly expected to be highly trained, certified and experienced researchers undertaking research that will contribute to the medical world.

By purchasing from our website, you have acknowledged to have read all terms in this document. All updates on the same will be displayed on the main page.

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