How To Look Good For Work in the Twenty-First Century

Say good bye to big blazers, silk blouses and long skirts with pantyhose. Today’s generation of  millennials are in with the twenty-first century and are not dressing like their mothers and grandmothers. Today’s generation are all about style, personality, and beauty. According to an article in The Wall Street Journal, today’s woman is not dressing the same way the women dressed in the twentieth century. In fact, they look nothing like they did thirty, twenty or even just ten years ago. The entire dress for work code is being redefined. With the millennial generation surpassing Generation X in the workforce you are beginning to see more and more style in the work place than ever before. No one can stop this movement because the millennials are the ones in charge. They are the managers and supervisors now so they are rewriting the rules as they go along. On the other hand, an article put out by says that as a young professional you should be carful how you express yourself in the workplace. You really should not be wearing jeans at the workplace. But than again, with millennials in charge, they have and will continue to set the bar where they want it when it comes to the dress code at work.

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