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Know Your Circulatory System

download (62)The blood circulation system in its basic form includes the heart, veins and blood vessels. The program is deep into the core of the body, where it is protected and can function to sustain life. The number one job of the blood circulation program is to push oxygen rich to all parts of the body program. Malfunction can be critical for this reason alone, whereby common problems include strokes, shock and angina.

The heart is focused at the very center of the blood circulation program. Its primary job is to push oxygen rich blood to the brain, other organs, muscles and tissues. The heart is a sophisticated machine that includes two chambers. The right side is responsible for pushing oxygen rich blood to the various parts of the body via a network of thick walled blood vessels. The left side fills up with oxygen rich blood and then pumps it back to the lungs. The blood vessels is then replenished with oxygen and the whole process is then repeated. This makes up the whole blood circulation program, which is like a big ‘figure of eight’ within the inner body. The pulsation of the blood vessels can be felt at various points along the body, which is called your pulse. Essentially you are feeling the pressure of the blood vessels as it is pumped through the bloodstream, just like if you placed your side on a high pressured hose. The best places to detect a pulse in the body are in the neck (carotid pulse), wrist (radial pulse) and in the upper arm (brachial pulse). The beat provides a direct correlation to the speed of the center. Adults typically experience values of 60 -100 bpm, children 90 – 110 BPM and infants 110 – 140 BPM.