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Keeping The Flu Away

download (2)With flu season nearing, many family doctors are gearing up to treat the flu patients. During the time, doctors want you to keep the flu away by getting a flu shot. However, there are some other steps you can take as well:

Practice Good Hygiene

One of the very best things you can do to prevent the flu this winter is to practice good cleanliness. Keeping yourself clean is the best way to keep the viruses away. During the flu season, family doctors say that you should always wash your hands with soap and hot water for several minutes. Alternatively, you can use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. You should also try to keep your hands away from your face whenever you are out in public. The flu can easily be spread when viruses on your hands get into your nose, eyes, and mouth.

Keep Your House Clean

Whether or not someone in your residence is suffering from the flu, you should always make a habit to keep your home clean and as germ-free as possible this season. You don’t have to go overboard, but you do need to keep the floors clean, especially if shoes are worn in your house. Be sure to vacuum the carpet and either steam clean or mop your wood or tile floors. Also be sure to clean off walls that are touched regularly, such as light switches, taps, and doorknobs. You can simply clean these down with an anti-bacterial spray or rubbing alcohol.

Eat a Healthier Diet

To help keep the flu at bay, many family doctors recommend that you eat right. A diet plan full of vitamins, especially vitamin C, is a fantastic way to keep you healthy during this season. Be sure to eat a lot of healthy veggies, such as kale or spinach, as well as colorful fruits and vegetables.

Living A Fit, Healthier And More Fullfilling Life

imagesWe can define being fit and healthy as being in a state of mental, physical and social wellness and not just as the absence of illness. There has been justifications to further definition of health and fitness as ongoing adjustments to changing living demands. This article will assist in a healthier and fit lifestyle which you will feel great about. A healthy and balanced body will require you to eat a well-balanced diet and you must eat enough. This is way easier than it sounds when you have the right knowledge. Maintaining a proper and balanced diet is an opportunity to enhance yourself not a compromise. You must learn to choose diet plans. Let me help you with a few tips.

When selecting the right carbohydrates, avoid simple carbohydrate food like flour and sugar, they are quickly consumed by one’s body and can cause an overload leading to high amounts of insulin to combat the overload. Instead go for complex carbohydrates like unprocessed flours and whole grain flours, they are usually high in vitamins and other beneficial nutrients to one’s body. Aim to get almost a third of your daily calories from proteins, they will carry you throughout the day. Eat lean meat, like fish or chicken. This is the best routine, and you will notice a less sluggishness during the day. Your human body demands fat to work properly and the right fat for that matter. omega-3 fatty acids and mono saturated fats are excellent and you should try to eat them regularly. This can be discovered in olive oil, nuts and other plant seeds. Avoid saturated fat and trans-fat since they raise the risk of cardiovascular diseases. They are commonly discovered in processed foods, stay away from them. Drinking a lot of water will get a lean body. To achieve fitness, you need to do a regular exercising and have proper nutrition in order to attain flexibility, strength and cardio-respiratory endurance. Strength can be achieved by gradually working out. If you’re not sure how to best approach your workout, you may want to consult a professional. Increase your training intensity after every short while like a month. Push your body harder, train for longer, lift heavier weights. Whatever you base your exercises on, increase it. You need to grow, building new muscle tissues on top of existing.