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When to go for tonsil removal?

tonsilTonsils are nothing but the cluster like over tissues, red in color and are located in the throat. Being composed of lymph tissues, they have the defensive mechanism with which they can prevent wide range of bacteria, viruses or germs from entering our body. They are also known to be the part of infection fighting cells which are nothing but the anti-bodies. But if these are not working normally and there is a recurrence of infections again and again and unable to treat it then most of the doctors or professionals do prefer to opt for the removal of tonsils. Most of the people have healthy tonsils. Prior to that the doctor will ask you to go for certain tests so that it would be clear how severe is the infection and whether the tonsils have to be removed completely or can be cured.

There are several reasons for the removal of tonsils and most common one is when there is a blockage in your throat due to increase in size of the tonsils. The enlarged tonsils might prevent you from normal breathing, speech or even swallow. This is the most common reason for the removal of tonsils. Chronic tonsillitis is nothing but frequent recurrence of infections with severe pain in the throat. This might even cause the pain in the ear, headache or even fever. Sometimes you can even find the white debris over the tonsils. This is also called as chronic cryptic tonsillitis in which there is white growth which is also called as tonsil stones in the pockets or crypts. This might be the reason for bad breath, difficulty in breathing and swallowing as well.

Another reason for which doctors would suggest to go for the removal of tonsils is when there are enlarged tonsils in your throat which might be a tumor. If you have any of these issues with your throat then make sure to visit the concerned doctor and get all the tests done so that he could advice you with the right solution. Most of them have a wrong notion in their minds that if they get the tonsils removed from their throat they might get susceptible to several other bacterial and viral infections. This is not exact true as our body’s immune system is very strong and can manage to prevent any kind of infections up to an extent. Sometimes tonsils get enlarged due to accumulation of cough in the chest. A good doctor can guide you well on this.